Best Brain Food

Best Brain Food

Feeding your brain is no laughing matter and there is definitely some truth to the quote “food for thought”. If your brain is lacking in the daily nutrients it needs, your operational thinking will be especially challenging. Diets high in the best brain foods listed below are sure to heighten your brain capacity and have the added benefit of improving your overall physique:

Best Brain Food:  Berries

Berries, one of the best brain foods.

Many studies show that eating a few cups of these fruits a day, you will obtain high levels of key antioxidants that help protect against high stress levels and help ward off age related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Best Brain Food: Fish

A diet high in Omega-3’s such as Tuna, Salmon, Sardines and Herring can boost the most essential brain functions and keep you feeling focused and energized.

Best Brain Food: Avocados

These are one of the best brain foods because they create a healthy environment for the brain cells to regenerate and they will keep an elevated flow of nutrients going to your brain’s complete structure.  They can lower your blood pressure and encourage good brain strength.

Best Brain Food: Nuts and Seeds

These are a great source of Vitamin E broadly empowering those thinking skills to stay sharp and focused, especially for those that decline as you age. Eat a handful of sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews or hazelnuts. Cook with sesame seeds and flax seeds. These can also be baked into breads, sprinkled onto oatmeal, fat- free Greek yoghurt  or ground up in your daily protein shake.

Best Brain Food: Healthy Grains

Certain Breads such as 100% whole wheat, or fibre-rich breads and those containing whole grains offer a defensive shield against heart disease. Brown Rice when eaten several times a day also promotes excellent overall cardiovascular health.

Best Brain Food: Beans and Sprouts

Are not recognized enough for their superior help to the Brain Food Diet, these keep your blood sugar levels stable and are key to keeping your mind clever as you pound out certain tasks.

Best Brain Food: Teas

Green Tea especially is also a good one to keep around for a sufficiently good flow of blood to all areas of your system make-up. It is especially good for helpful thinking and decisiveness.

Best Brain Food: Juices

Cranberry, Cherry and Pomegranate Juices are also high on the list of best brain foods. These aid in the defense of damage from free radicals. Other juices are higher in sugar, but still make the list because of their amazing cleansing qualities, the brighter the fruit the better, just watch the sugars. In these you can also dilute your juice with simple filtered water.

Staying stocked up with these beneficial foods can certainly energize and leave your brain centered and equipped for all your challenging missions.

Lastly but certainly not least, eat Dark-Chocolate (at least 60-90% Cacao); a natural stimulant. At just a half ounce a day this sweet treat can offer up brain jolt and assist you in staying alert and on top of your assignments. It also keeps the production of endorphins flowing which helps put you in a good mood. Of course, it’s best to remember, only eat this one in complete moderation.

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